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According to His Co-Stars, "This Part of Kimura Takuya is Amazing"

According to His Co-Stars, "This Part of Kimura Takuya is Amazing"

Acting in the drama with favourable ratings "HERO" (Fuji TV, Monday 9pm~), from the Tokyo District Josai Branch, Yoshida Yo who plays Baba Reiko, Kohinata Fumiyo who plays Suetsugu Takayuki and Hamada Gaku who plays Uno Daisuke had a free-talk about the atmosphere on the set. It appears that the secret behind the excellent ratings is a team work with Kimura Takuya at the heart of it!

Yoshida: Kimura-san can really do anything.

Kohinata: Un, even just now, during the filming, the table started wobbling and everyone went, "That's weird!'...

Yoshida: With a couple of squeaks [from the table], he fixed it immediately.

Kohinata: He's really quick in remembering his lines; he has no free time. I watched the "27-Hours TV" (July 27th), when he was in the sumo match, he was strong; when he danced, he wasn't out of breath; even though he must've been tired, he will absolutely never show it! Even on this filming set it's the same. I've always thought, 'It's amazing that, from 13 years ago, he's already been a super star', and now, once again, I realize how big he is.

Hamada: Is it different to how he was 13 years ago?

Kohinata: 13 years ago, he was a little sharper/more guarded, and at times, could be hard to talk to, but now, he really reaches out to us [people].

In their eyes, the three talked about [the topic], "This part of Kimura Takuya is amazing".

[1] He smells nice.

Yoshida: Depending on the day, he, apparently, uses a different perfume; it's my private enjoyment.

Hamada: When he's walking pass, you can smell it.

[2] He never shows his exhaustion.

Yoshida: During the "27-Hour TV" Grand Finale, the thing that made a huge impression on me was Kimura-san's genuine/sincere smile. Even though he must've been terribly exhausted, [his stance of] "this exhaustion, it's [an] interesting [experience]" and the enjoyment he felt has made me realize that a star will always be a star.

Kohinata: Kimura-kun, even on the set of "HERO", absolutely never shows his exhaustion.

[3] He's never been seen reading his script.

Kohinata: Even though he has the most lines. There are moments of 'could I have a quick look', but right up to the moment he has to say his lines, he talks about other things. On top of that, he's the one who takes the initiative. Isn't that astonishing?

[4] He never forgets about being attentive to his surroundings/the people around him.

Yoshida: When the ratings came out for the first episode, I received a mail from him saying, "Once again, I am thankful to everyone". It's most likely because of his way of thinking that 'no matter what, he is only a part of the project'.

Source: http://zasshi.news.yahoo.co.jp/article?a=20140811-00010003-jisin-ent

And, just some bonus comments from readers about the article:


The pleasant atmosphere of the set is reflected in the drama.
Even from the old days, KimuTaku had always had a high level of professionalism.
I think he is a good person.


HERO is a drama where everyone from the Josai Branch is a main character.
Even amongst them, it is because the "zachou" [1] is reliable, that's why the excellence of the team can be felt onscreen.

[1] "Zachou" - Loosely translated to "company leader". As the lead actor in the drama, Kimura Takuya is the zachou of "HERO".


Seriously, from the Non-Stop Live during the FNS 27-Hour TV all the way up to the Grand Finale, my family was continuously commenting "KimuTaku is cool ("kakkoii")", "His appearance is beautiful" and "Please share with us some of those sparkling ("kira kira") cells". Truly amazing. Even though I like him as an actor, I think that as an idol, KimuTaku's true worth is revealed.


The reason why he was sharper/more guarded 13 years ago was because it was right after his marriage and a lot of things happened. Now, he has really settled down.

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